“What shall I do with this man, who is called ‘King of the Jews’?” (Mark 15:12)

For starters, I think that the main ABOUT page should be part of the PROFILE so we don’t have to fill out a new page with every blog. It gets tedious.

As for this page, I HOPE to be able to get some pages uploaded that will help me communicate, effectively, with people who are trapped in religious cults which promise them a man-made ‘truth’ that turns out to be a tragic lie.  There is ONE Truth (John 14:6) and His Name is Jesus. (Acts 4:12)

To my knowledge, He is the ONLY ‘religious figure’ to make the claim, “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”   Easily THE MOST ‘Exclusivistic’ statement ever made by someone, who many called, ‘a good man’ and ‘great moral example’.  And yet, if Jesus was Not who He claimed to be, in that singular statement, not to mention a few others I’ll be pointing out, in future posts, then He could not be either good or moral, and, per Jewish law of His day, would have been executed as a heretic, who died for his own sins, and not ours. (John 3:16)

It’s an interesting point that, back in the day, Jesus was what many would call an Itinerant preacher, who went from town to town, when the nation He was born in (Israel) was under the rule of the Romans and Caesar, who thought himself a god if not GOD. Well, nearly two thousand years later, and the only time Caesar is mentioned is either in high school history class or a restaurant, if asked what kind of salad you might like.  Jesus of Nazareth, on the other hand, either by blessing or cursing, continues to get far more ‘air time’  than someone who was once the most powerful man on earth.  How does THAT work?

Who is knocking at the door

Revelation 3:20



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